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I'm Matthew, a 23 year old Designer + Illustrator living in Wagga Wagga. This blog is to share my interests in Illustration, design, fashion, photography, and also to showcase my own work, enjoy!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gift Vouchers + Sweet Evelyn

WOW  this month has been ridiculously busy, one of my best friends since birth is getting married this weekend it will be a wedding not to forget! (i will take loads of photos you wont be disappointed) not to mention my work been in a gallery in Wagga, having a chest infection THAT WONT GO AWAY, doing breaky shifts at the restaurant i work at 6.30am starts is the pits ha ha, AND doing a whole heaps of design work for people and places in Wagga.

Gift Voucher- So i went to get my car re-detailed and cleaned at a place called Dwyer's Car Care, while there i got to talking to with the owners and they informed me they needed a graphic designer to design some gift vouchers for them. I jumped at the chance and deigned these Gift vouchers for them.

Sweet Evelyn- My good friend Amy who studied as a pastry chef, and make the most amazing cakes, has decided she wants to start her own business making cakes. The name of the company is 'Sweet Evelyn' (Evelyn was her Grand mother, and is apparently where Amy gets her wicked baking skills from). so i have been working on the Logo, Business card and price list.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

back from break, and back to it!

 Well it's almost been a month, and i thought i'd better come back from 'sabbatical' (aka working like a dog for the money at my hospitality jobs) and post some more of my works, that i some how have managed to work on. .I also have exciting news, I've been ask to help collaborate and showcase some of my works at a new gallery in Wagga Wagga, pretty exciting.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

finished work...and then some more

well as i think I've finished one design i start on another, then fall behind with the design I've almost finished, its a horrible cycle ha ha. Anyhow here is one of my design finished, the pen drawing of the model i think has turned out well, let me know what you all think, the snake skin background kind of plays off that killer glare she has going on. the other images are just projects i'm working on, so i thought i would put them up as well  A spread for a magazine on the Metro-sexual, and an image i'm working on for a campaign for work safety enjoy.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Just sold butterfly girl she is off to a good home!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

3D mapping - Adidas

A friend sent me this the other day, its a 3d mapping project by Adidas, and its probably the 3rd coolest thing i've ever seen. Just to give you a low down 3D mapping (projection) is any method of mapping three-dimensional points to a two-dimensional plane. As most current methods for displaying graphical data are based on planar two-dimensional media, the use of this type of projection is widespread, especially in computer graphics, engineering and drafting. Putting it plainly the whole building is surrounded with projectors and lasers mapping the projections onto the building, the result, see for yourself!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I want!

Ok i want these shorts how cool are they!

short story- Ink Illustration

So this is a short story Illustration i am working on about a boy that goes shopping with his mum and his beloved teddy. He drops his teddy and lets go off his mothers hand, and ends up getting lost. As a small boy he soon becomes over whelmed by the vast size of the supermarket and the separation of his mother, luckily he has his teddy. ( images 1-5)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

work in progress

just a drawing i'm working on at the moment its a bit of a mash of medias:
  • lead pencil
  • pen
  • colour pencil
  • watercolour
  • paper
  • buttons (yes i actually sowed the sequins on..i impressed myself ha)
  • markers
I might do a few drawings of this girl, because i really want to experiment with different textures on the dress and different hair styles, leave it with me, and let me know what you think, i hate drawing hands so it will be the last thing i do!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tie me up

Ladies + Gentlemen, I have decided that you can never have enough ties, especially with the cool ties that are popping up at moment from Ralph Lauren, D+G, Hugo, Alex McQueen, and loads more. If i could wear more then one tie at a time i would, they just make you look smart.
tie 1, 3 Ralph Lauren Black label
tie 2- Alex McQueen
Just Remember these rules the size of your collar should match the size of of your tie.so skinny ties= skinny collar. For a large collar you should think about a larger knot e. g half or full Windsor. And just because you have a button up shirt does not mean it is tie appropriate, always make sure the shirt and tie compliment each other.

my new work

So, i have put up a few more of my drawings that currently working on. Bit unsure what i'm going to do with a few of them. But i will muck around in Photoshop and see if anything comes together, ah Photoshop where would i be without you.

Image1 (girls with eyes closed)
This little drawing was done at university (in a very boring lecture). I love using pen for drawing its great for simple outlines, really strong definition, and to create the idea of movement like the girls hair. She just looks so peaceful i couldn't let her get lost among my university notes (or lack off notes from that class ha).

Image 2 (Pattern + Text)
Currently going to be made into a design for a friends wedding present. the pattern is all paper (yes i cut out little triangles of paper to make this... so annoying i'm still finding off cuts and things all through my bedroom!) And the Text relates to how i always feel about things in life, specially in hospitality when people do and say such stupid things and you are not aloud to laugh at them...example two gentlemen came into my work the other night and ordered the girlish cocktails all night it was pretty funny.

Image 3 (model)
still a work in progress i love her eyes so serious, and the pen really expresses the flowing style of her dress. I'm thinking about snake skin patterns or something in the background, leave it with me.

Image 4 (butterfly)
I've got a real thing for butterflies at the moment, don't know why?, anyway still working on this one too, and i seem to be getting good at drawing hair, which worries me a little, but least it something have to learn how to draw hands, god their hard!

P.s greetings my first follower James Mayhew!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Richard Gray

Richard Gray is one of my Favorite illustrators/ designers his works are fresh, detailed and slight strange.Richard Gray graduated from the Fashion BA (Hons) course at Middlesex University in 1990. As a first year student, his illustrations were entered for a worldwide memorial competition for Antonio Lopez, and spotted by Anna Piaggi. This led to his first editorial commissions for his illustrations for Vanity and for Anna Piaggi’s D.P.Pages for Vogue Italia.

Since graduating, he has worked as a fashion illustrator for designers and magazines in London, Paris, Milan and New York. Designers he has worked with include Agent Provocateur, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, De Beers, Boudicca, Julien MacDonald, Antonio Berardi, Miguel Adrover, Winni Lok and Benjamin Kirchhoff. Here are some of his works,brilliant!

Blank Canvas

Ah, my fresh new blog! I have been procrastinating about this blog for a while now, and whenever i was actually motivated to start, my dear friend Mr Facebook would distract me with some enjoyable Facebook stalking ha ha, but now i have started and there is no stopping me! So, Introductions- My name is Matthew Mangan, I'm 23, and was born and raised in a city called Wagga Wagga, Australia. I am currently studying Graphic Design and Illustration at University, but have decided to take a year off to, sit back, relax, (work 3 jobs in hospitality....sigh), and some how mange to focus on my passion for design. The blogs name you ask? well I drew the bear grrring for an assignment last year, and was really impressed with how the drawing it turned out. Then to my horror i lost the drawing before i had a chance to scan or photo him. But Ha rah I found him just the other day, and so i created the collage you see as you arrive at my blogs door! So the aim of my blog is simple, i want to find designs and artworks that inspire, create designs that i am proud of, and i want to share them with you the world..your welcome ha ha so your comments and feedback is always wanted and I'm always keen to chat, so hello, welcome to my blog, and enjoy! Also I have put up a link to my Flickr album which has some of my current illustrations and designs, so let me know your thought, and i will post more soon.

current works

butterfly girlmodel 2Embark mag 2Embark mag 1Lol MAGpowerpolls mans drawingtRIANGLEgirls faceLatrobe posterMater Dei PosterPRP mag GFE 2GFE 1duffy 1duffy 2hj3peacock tat 2tat 1modelhsc guitarhsc trumpithsc cello

current works, a set on Flickr.