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I'm Matthew, a 23 year old Designer + Illustrator living in Wagga Wagga. This blog is to share my interests in Illustration, design, fashion, photography, and also to showcase my own work, enjoy!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

finished work...and then some more

well as i think I've finished one design i start on another, then fall behind with the design I've almost finished, its a horrible cycle ha ha. Anyhow here is one of my design finished, the pen drawing of the model i think has turned out well, let me know what you all think, the snake skin background kind of plays off that killer glare she has going on. the other images are just projects i'm working on, so i thought i would put them up as well  A spread for a magazine on the Metro-sexual, and an image i'm working on for a campaign for work safety enjoy.

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Evan said...

awesome! luv that top image!!!