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I'm Matthew, a 23 year old Designer + Illustrator living in Wagga Wagga. This blog is to share my interests in Illustration, design, fashion, photography, and also to showcase my own work, enjoy!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gift Vouchers + Sweet Evelyn

WOW  this month has been ridiculously busy, one of my best friends since birth is getting married this weekend it will be a wedding not to forget! (i will take loads of photos you wont be disappointed) not to mention my work been in a gallery in Wagga, having a chest infection THAT WONT GO AWAY, doing breaky shifts at the restaurant i work at 6.30am starts is the pits ha ha, AND doing a whole heaps of design work for people and places in Wagga.

Gift Voucher- So i went to get my car re-detailed and cleaned at a place called Dwyer's Car Care, while there i got to talking to with the owners and they informed me they needed a graphic designer to design some gift vouchers for them. I jumped at the chance and deigned these Gift vouchers for them.

Sweet Evelyn- My good friend Amy who studied as a pastry chef, and make the most amazing cakes, has decided she wants to start her own business making cakes. The name of the company is 'Sweet Evelyn' (Evelyn was her Grand mother, and is apparently where Amy gets her wicked baking skills from). so i have been working on the Logo, Business card and price list.