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I'm Matthew, a 23 year old Designer + Illustrator living in Wagga Wagga. This blog is to share my interests in Illustration, design, fashion, photography, and also to showcase my own work, enjoy!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blank Canvas

Ah, my fresh new blog! I have been procrastinating about this blog for a while now, and whenever i was actually motivated to start, my dear friend Mr Facebook would distract me with some enjoyable Facebook stalking ha ha, but now i have started and there is no stopping me! So, Introductions- My name is Matthew Mangan, I'm 23, and was born and raised in a city called Wagga Wagga, Australia. I am currently studying Graphic Design and Illustration at University, but have decided to take a year off to, sit back, relax, (work 3 jobs in hospitality....sigh), and some how mange to focus on my passion for design. The blogs name you ask? well I drew the bear grrring for an assignment last year, and was really impressed with how the drawing it turned out. Then to my horror i lost the drawing before i had a chance to scan or photo him. But Ha rah I found him just the other day, and so i created the collage you see as you arrive at my blogs door! So the aim of my blog is simple, i want to find designs and artworks that inspire, create designs that i am proud of, and i want to share them with you the world..your welcome ha ha so your comments and feedback is always wanted and I'm always keen to chat, so hello, welcome to my blog, and enjoy! Also I have put up a link to my Flickr album which has some of my current illustrations and designs, so let me know your thought, and i will post more soon.

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