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I'm Matthew, a 23 year old Designer + Illustrator living in Wagga Wagga. This blog is to share my interests in Illustration, design, fashion, photography, and also to showcase my own work, enjoy!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tie me up

Ladies + Gentlemen, I have decided that you can never have enough ties, especially with the cool ties that are popping up at moment from Ralph Lauren, D+G, Hugo, Alex McQueen, and loads more. If i could wear more then one tie at a time i would, they just make you look smart.
tie 1, 3 Ralph Lauren Black label
tie 2- Alex McQueen
Just Remember these rules the size of your collar should match the size of of your tie.so skinny ties= skinny collar. For a large collar you should think about a larger knot e. g half or full Windsor. And just because you have a button up shirt does not mean it is tie appropriate, always make sure the shirt and tie compliment each other.


fruzsi said...

hi Matt thank you for following my blog! You have some awesome designs! I shall keep checking back for more!

Matt said...

Thanks Fruzsi i love your blog your drawings and inspirations are so good keep in touch.